May 29, 2013

taming of the brows


Photo credit: Swide

If Elle Macpherson is “The Body”, then Cara Delevingne should be “The Brows”. Thick, dark and bushy, Cara’s eyebrows have appeared on the biggest designer runways, graced magazine covers from Glamour to Vogue, and starred in several high fashion ad campaigns, most notably for Burberry and Chanel. I would pay big bucks for caterpillar brows like Cara’s, but alas, it is not meant to be. In middle school, I plucked my long, sparse eyebrows into scrawny submission and have been working on growing them back in ever since.

You can understand, then, that I am a bit apprehensive when it comes to brow maintenance. More often that not, a lone hair will pop out about a quarter of an inch below the bottom of my eyebrow, and I’ll leave it there for days, weeks even, before reaching for the tweezers. Super attractive, I know. But when a salon I’d never heard of asked me to come in for a brow wax, I decided it was time to clean things up.

I’ve been to several salons that offer waxing services, and they’re all great, but Urban Waxx is really something special (maybe it’s the extra X? JK JK it’s not). I booked my appointment at the bright yellow Northwest location at NW 18th and Marshall (they also have salons at Tanasbourne and on SE Division). Despite the bold exterior, the salon’s interior is serene and spa-like, with beautiful decor and fragrant candles lining the shelves. There’s also free wine and candy machines, so best of both worlds, really.

Urban Waxx review on TWELFTH AVENUE

Photo of Urban Waxx Northwest by Natalie Howes

The receptionist greeted me with a clipboard and a smile. After jotting down some vital information, I was led into the treatment room by Sara, the sweet esthetician with gorgeous Cara brows. Seeing as I was just getting an eyebrow wax, I didn’t have to disrobe or anything. (True story: The first time I got a bikini wax, I stripped completely naked and wrapped the towel around me like I was hopping out of the shower. Why I thought the esthetician needed access to my entire torso, I do not know. Good thing I’m not easily embarrassed!) I settled onto the table and repeated maybe one too many times that I wanted my brows as thick as possible, which Sara evidently took to heart. “I have just the thing,” she said. “We’ll try it out on you when we’re done with the wax.”

The treatment itself was quick and relatively painless; Sara used a hard wax, which I guess is gentler than soft wax, and plucked the strays with tweezers. Then, after my brows were all clean and tidy, Sara used what is now my new favorite beauty product – the Universal Brow Pencil. I’m telling you, this product works wonders. I’ve tried other pencils and even had my brows tinted a couple times, but nothing has made them look as naturally thick as this pencil. Genetics may not have blessed me with perfect Cara brows, but thanks to Urban Waxx and the Universal Brow Pencil, I’m getting pretty good at faking them.

Good news, Portland readers (or Portland visitors in need of a wax)! Mention my name to receive 15% off any service the first time you visit Urban Waxx.

*Disclaimer: My brow wax was free, but opinions shared above are entirely my own.


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