May 13, 2013

date night

fremont bridge - twelfth avenue

A couple Friday’s ago Allen and I took our bikes and set loose towards the Portland sunset. We rode down along the river and up to Sellwood for some beers and pizza. After a very long work week, it felt so good to stretch my legs. Isn’t Portland just stunning? There really is nothing better than a beautiful day in Portland.

Allen got me this bike a couple years ago for Christmas. He was still living in the Midwest, so he had the bike delivered to my parents so I would receive it on Christmas day. So thoughtful that guy is. I remember walking into my parent’s living room on Christmas morning, and seeing this bronze Schwinn bike parked near my other wrapped gifts. I was slightly confused whether it really belonged to me, I hadn’t had my own bike since I lost mine to my younger brother when I was 12, and a little distraught at the ripped seat cover, although Allen would tell you that it was the original Schwinn seat.

He was looking to the future of when I would gleefully ride it around Portland. And he was right, after the basket was installed and a new bike seat was placed, I love it.

waterfront - twelfth avenue

cinco - twelfth avenue

fixie - twelfth avenue

candid - twelfth avenue

This pretty baby has a sad story. The beloved black fixie pictured above was stolen the day after these pictures were taken. We were barbecuing at my apartment Saturday night, and after a couple hours of eating on the rooftop, the bike was gone.

I have only had something stolen from me once (knock on wood), but the feeling is always the same. You want to believe you are imagining it, that you left it somewhere else or in this case locked it in a different location. You want to believe that everyone is good, but it’s just not always the case, is it?

Looking on the bright side, it’s an excuse to get a new bike and I don’t hear any complaints there.

…until next time.