April 18, 2013

things you find at target

My office is notorious for keeping treats on hand, especially during busy, stressful times when my willpower is at its weakest point. Baskets of candy, chocolate chip granola bars (healthy? sorry, but no) and pub mix lurk on top of every filing cabinet, beckoning me with their delectable little arms, whispering, “If you eat me, that spreadsheet will be so much more tolerable…” Treats are such liars.

Recently, Tootsie Pops made their debut in the office candy bowls, and with one lick, I was instantly reminded of how much I love them (yes, even orange and brown). Finally, a small, sweet treat to satisfy my mid-morning, post-lunch and afternoon cravings, guilt-free! And hey, wouldn’t it be great to have a box of Tootsie Pops at home? Being a frugal-but-only-about-random-things kind of person, I started comparison shopping Tootsie Pops at various outlets: $18.99 for a box of 100 assorted pops on Amazon.com, $16.54 for 60 of just cherry, $10.39 at Costco (but it includes watermelon…wtf??). And then I searched for “Tootsie Pops” on Target.com, and guess what came up…

Holy effing hell. Are these for real? Tell me this is a joke. Because I feel a whoop comin’ on.