April 10, 2013

sunday brunch


Sunday’s are days of relaxation, laundry, catching up before the start of your week or in Natalie and I’s case, delicious brunch while discussing things of the future. We managed to claim our table at Olympic Provisions for far longer than any of the staff probably cared us to, but what are two chatty gals to do?

Natalie ordered the mushroom bahn mi sandwich and the eggs florentine benedict for me, oh yum.




We packed our electronics and got to work (Olympic Provisions really is a good spot for this, if you ever find yourself in the neighborhood and need a delicious meal and WiFi, this is the place). I feel like this is a good opportunity to thank everyone who has been following along our journey these past few months, it really has been so fun sharing and exploring.

Looking forward to what the future holds for each of us and this little blog we share.