March 18, 2013

spring flowers two ways



Arranging flowers can be stressful for me, and while I probably make too much of this, I know I’m not alone. Every girl loves getting flowers, but there have been times when my boyfriend brings some home, and the sight of a big, beautiful bouquet that won’t fit perfectly in one vase gets my heart racing. The thought of having to arrange them separately from how they were created at the flower shop always seems so disappointing.

So I decided to learn a thing or two about flower arranging, while keeping it simple.

I have an assortment of vases at home, but I picked a low, square vase and small mason jar to arrange with. I had my mind set on white hydrangeas for the square vase and an assortment of spring flowers for the mason jar. Amazingly enough, white hydrangeas were sold out everywhere, so I opted for green hydrangeas (the ten dollar stem was hard to swallow, but they really are beautiful) and a bunch of daffodils and fuchsia stock for the mason jar.


  1. Trim off the bottom 1″ to 2″ at a sharp angle.
  2. Hold the stems to your vase and trim to size.
  3. Repeat steps for fuchsia stock and arrange with daffodil bunch.
  4. Change water daily for long-lasting, healthy looking flowers.



  1. Trim off the bottom 1″ to 2″ at a sharp angle.
  2. Hold the stems to your vase and trim to size. Cut up the stem to increase water consumption.
  3. Fit small green hydrangeas in open spaces of the larger hydrangea for a full looking arrangement.
  4. Change water daily, hydrangeas need a lot of water to remain healthy.


There are a few points to remember when arranging flowers:

  1. Remember to remove leaves and excess foliage below the water line, otherwise they will begin to rot.
  2. Incorporate unexpected elements like a tree branch or seasonal item to complement your flowers.
  3. Arrange in odd numbers.