March 7, 2013

red check

red check red check red checkJacket: Truth & Pride. Shirt: Madewell. Jeans: Joe’s. Belt: American Eagle. Shoes: Converse. Necklace: Gorjana.

I can’t really explain my scary eyes in that first photo or the inordinate size of my top knot (can we even call it a top “knot” at that size? top “Cinnabon” perhaps?), but I can explain the shirt/jacket/jeans combo that is currently holding strong in my top five wardrobe rotation. The shirt was a Madewell score on my trip to New York City last fall, the jeans are a size or two too big but were on major sale at Anthropologie last year, and the jacket (also seen here) was a gift from my mom years ago. She and I are “jacket people”. We are inexplicably drawn to outerwear and often end up buying jackets when we’re really in the market for pants, tops, toothpaste, etc. Fortunately, I live in a climate that is conducive to outerwear, so my purchases are not in vain.

This weekend, I’m looking forward to dinner with friends at my favorite neighborhood spot, Piazza Italia, and a breakfast date with my hubby to discuss important boring stuff like financial planning. Do any of you schedule “meetings” with your significant other? Anyone? No, just me? Cool.