February 20, 2013

macarons for two


Ah love. Like two macarons cuddled up together on a plate. Watch out kids, things are getting a little sappy today.


On Valentine’s Day, Phil and I wake up extra early and go out for breakfast at Nuvrei, a little French pâtisserie in our neighborhood. We share pastries, sip warm drinks and talk about the future and stuff. This year, it was ham and cheese croissants, baked pretzels with smoked salmon, and lemon and eggnog macarons. A little snuggling at the counter, a little spat about bills…that’s what Valentine’s Day is all about, right? No, but seriously, I look forward to our loved up breakfast every year and feel so lucky to celebrate this holiday with my favorite guy.




    […] smells like hot coffee and freshly baked croissants, just the way I like it. Phil and I go there every Valentine’s Day for breakfast – a silly little tradition that started on a whim but has become so, so […]