February 18, 2013

inspired by fashion week


Leopard Jacket: Malene Birger. Leather Pants: Helmut Lang. NY Hat: New Era. T-Shirt: Lanvin. Heels: Jeffrey Campbell. Bag: Celine. Street Style image: Elle.

There is nothing about this look that does not inspire me. From the leopard jacket to the leather leggings to the graphic t-shirt, it’s all fabulous.

Funny story about my experience trying to find a pair of leather pants, a couple months ago I was shopping in what will remain an unnamed major retailer for a pair of leather leggings I had spotted online. I asked the salesperson for some assistance, and she dutifully obliged me with the leather leggings I had come in for, while also mentioning she had another pair in mind that she thought I would love. From my time as a salesperson, I should have known then that it was all downhill from there.

But I clearly didn’t want to listen, so after the pair I had originally come in for didn’t work out, I slipped on the pair suggested by the salesperson. Tricky, tricky salesperson. The minute I had those buttery brown Vince leggings on, I instantly fell in love. Instantly. Oh the beauty.

My girlfriends were no help in the situation, telling me they were the most beautiful leather pants they had ever seen. I was nearly out the door of the dressing room and to the cash register when I looked at the price tag. $1,250.00.

I dropped the pants right then and there, cursing the salesperson and ran for the door. Totally devastating, but my love affair with leather has never faltered.

Disclaimer: This has genuinely never happened to me, so you can imagine my shock and disappointment. Some day those leggings will be mine, but until then, these will certainly do the trick.