February 6, 2013

how to get kate moss hair

You know what I’m talking about – slightly wavy, perfectly imperfect Kate Moss hair. As a chronically straight-haired girl, I have pined over Kate Moss’s touchable, undone waves for as long as I can remember, but until last night, I had no idea how to get them.

Enter my hair stylist, Mimi.


Start with dry hair parted down the middle. Lightly mist hair all over with hairspray and brush out completely.


Bundle one half of hair into a ponytail right above the ear and, starting at the temple, twist hair away from the face all the way to the end. Wrap the ponytail around itself into a tight little bun at the ear, allowing the ends to fall out. Secure with two bobby pins.


Repeat on the other side. Channel your inner Princess Leia. Smirk at the camera.


Blowdry buns on high heat for a few minutes. Lightly mist again with hairspray. Leave buns in as long as possible, ideally thirty minutes, so that the waves have time to set. Use this time to do your makeup, get dressed, etc.


Remove bobby pins and allow buns to fall out into luscious waves.


Spray to hell with Oribé shine spray. Oribé makes many of my favorite hair products.

step6Tousle into place. Eat your heart out.