January 21, 2013

angel’s rest





Its not every day you see me trekking around in moon boots, high tailing it to the top of some hill, but on this particular Sunday, I wouldn’t have been found anywhere else. My boyfriend was getting antsy to get outdoors, and started researching trails that were Kelsey friendly when he found Angel’s Rest.

We met our friends Aly and Mike around 7:30am on Sunday morning, and headed east on I-84. We made it to the trailhead by 8:30am, and at 30 degrees, suited up with layers, extra socks, mittens and handwarmers. The morning was crisp and fresh, and it felt so good to be outside enjoying the bluebird day. We made it to the summit around 10:45am, stopping along the way to capture the trail and views of the Gorge.

three-finalPhotos: Mike Mathis

I can’t take credit for finding the hike, and in all honesty, this isn’t known to be “my thing”, but we had so much fun talking, laughing and slip sliding around the trail. We were back to the hustle and bustle of the city by noon, and the roaring sound of the waterfall was  a distant memory.