January 14, 2013

stationery diy

DIY-stationeryAs part of my new year’s resolution to send more snail mail, I decided to make my own customized stationery and thank you cards. I spent a good two hours at Paper Source last weekend picking out supplies and learning how to emboss before settling into a good old-fashioned craft-fest. Here’s what I came up with!

DIY-stationery-suppliesCustomized Stationery
supplies make dozens of folded and flat cards

You’ll need:

Folded and flat white cards (I used these and these)
Matching envelopes
Embossing heat tool
Watermark stamp pad
Black stamp pad (not shown above)
Embossing powder (I used Super Fine Gold)
Colored markers (I used these)

DIY-stationery-merci-stampTo make the thank you card, first use the black stamp pad to stamp “Merci” in the center of a folded card.

DIY-stationery-gold-embossingNext, use the watermark stamp pad to (carefully) stamp a scroll directly above the “Merci”. Working quickly so the ink doesn’t dry, completely cover the scroll stamp with gold embossing powder. Pour the excess powder onto a sheet of paper, tapping the back of the card to knock off any powder residue. Funnel the excess powder back into the jar for later use. Hold the heat tool a couple of inches from the card with the nozzle pointed at the scroll stamp. Turn it on and hover over the stamp until the gold powder is completely raised.

DIY-stationery-gold-embossed-scrollsRepeat the steps above to emboss a second scroll underneath the “Merci” stamp.

DIY-stationery-merci-cardEt voilà!

DIY-stationery-hen-stampTo make the stationery, use the watermark stamp pad to stamp whatever image you desire (I chose a hen) in the bottom left hand corner of a flat card.

DIY-stationery-hen-embossingFollow the same steps above to emboss the hen stamp with gold embossing powder.

DIY-stationery-coloringOnce the stamp is dry, use your colored markers to color in your stamp as desired.

DIY-stationery-henI’d love to see photos of your customized stationery – Instagram them to me at @twelfthavenue or tweet me at @twelfth_avenue!