January 7, 2013

tasty n sons

I waited too long to finally try Tasty n Sons. The talk was right, and it was good! I met my girlfriends before the holidays to partake in our annual undie exchange and brunch, and the casual open kitchen and warm, tasty dishes was exactly what we were looking for.

As we expected, there was a wait when we arrived, but none of us minded if it meant we could spend the time chatting and observing the ambiance before being seated. We were seated across the open kitchen, giving us a view of what was being plated and the hustle and bustle of the kitchen staff.

The menu is intended to share (similar to their sister restaurant, Toro Bravo), so we started with the chocolate potato doughnuts with creme anglaise. They.were.divine. And mimosas, no brunch is complete without them.


After the doughnut drops of heaven, we each opted to order our own plates for our main courses (no one could bear the thought of sharing again).  We ordered a mix from the menu, but I chose the cast iron frittata with butternut squash, brussels sprouts, buttered leeks and feta, leaving nothing to regret. It was delicious.

tasty n sons_01

If you find yourself anywhere in the neighborhood, do yourself a favor and stop in.


    […] Hope everyone had a relaxing weekend. I tried being low key, but was unsuccessful. My mom and sister came over on Friday night, and we took the streetcar up to Tasty n Alder. I love the cool jams in that place. We shared a corner booth, crab dip and radicchio salad, and then ordered our own entrees, hamburger for mom, jaeger schnitzel for sis and fish tacos for me. Don’t forget the chocolate potato doughnuts to finish, you know those are my fav. […]