January 2, 2013

european adventure: germany + switzerland



In 2011, I had the opportunity to travel to Munich, Germany for work – and took some time to travel more of Europe. I had traveled to Europe twice before, but wanted to take this opportunity to see some places I didn’t have a chance to.

I was in Munich for a week for work, and then my boyfriend met me for a couple additional days in the city. Between beers at the Hofbrauhaus and spaetzle and giant pretzels, there was little time for museums and monuments. However, we did have the opportunity to walk the streets of the city, visit the BMW museum and Neuschwanstein Castle and catch the locals river surfing in downtown. Munich is a beautiful city.


We left Munich for Switzerland, stopping in Lucerne and Interlaken. Both were breathtaking with aqua colored water, snowcapped peaks and vibrant green landscapes. Lucerne was a charming quaint city where many Italians, French and Germans used as a weekend escape. We used our time walking the city, hopping the ferry from port to port and remaining mesmerized by the mountains, lake and city.


From Lucerne, we took the train to Interlaken, about a two hour trip. As you can see from the photos above, it was an adrenaline packed visit. While the weather wasn’t as clear as it was in Lucerne, the peaks were bigger and closer proximity to the town, earning the motto of the gateway into the Oberland.

…next stop, Florence, Italy and Hvar, Croatia.


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